YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED This Account Has Been Suspended. There are only a few ways to get your account suspended. 2. You cancelled your hosting subscription with us. It could have happen by accident, but your subscription was cancelled by the buyer --- not by us. You may use the link at the bottom of this page to get your account activated again. Please note accounts are immediately suspended after you cancel your hosting subscription. Hosting subcriptions are required for every hosting account. If you pay and then cancel the subscription, then the account is still suspended until you have setup a new subscripton. 2. Breaking the rules - TOS - spam - storing files - storing ebooks or zip files - to much strain on the server. This is a website server and was not created to store files. There is a difference. 3. You may have gotten a virus on your website. We provide every cpanel with a virus scanner, so you should use it every week. 4. Causing server overload, normally caused by a virus on your website. This is up to you to keep your website virus free. To Get Your Account Activated Again Sign back up at CRWebHosting.Info or Contact